How it all works

Therapy Certificate Courses

Step 1 - Registration

  • Purchase a home learning course of your choice and complete the online registration form.
  • You can pay online or over the telephone using any debit or credit card. Our online payment service is secure via PayPal.
  • We will then send you a link to download your manual and study guidance notes.
  • You can choose to print this at home or else order a hardcopy manual directly from our publisher at an additional cost.

More about registering

  • 1. You can pay online or via telephone
  • 2. Wait for your student credentials and log-in information to be emailed to you then log-in to student area
  • 3. Complete the easy to follow steps and chat with our Admin Team for help, assistance and guidance
  • 4. Download & read the course guidance notes
  • 4. You can download & print the course manual at home
  • 5. You can also purchase a printed manual and this takes up to 10 days to arrive in the post
  • Step 2 - Preparation

  •   Study your manual and complete the multiple choice test paper online.
      Watch the online videos (where available) and study the various therapy techniques found in the manual. Do this until you are familiar with the techniques involved.
      Practice the therapy techniques upon your partner, family and friends until you are confident with the routine.
      Complete several case studies following the instructions within your manual (self-assessed).
      Once you have been awarded a pass mark your Certificate will be posted to you directly usually within 5 business days.

    More about preparation

    • 1. Read your manual at least 2 or 3 times
    • 2. Then download the test paper questions and make a note of your answers
    • 3. Then complete the multiple choice test paper online
    • 4. Your test paper is marked automatically and you can retake your test as many times as you like without extra charge
    • 5. Practice the therapy techniques upon your partner, family and friends by following the course manual illustrations and our YouTube videos
    • 6. Once you are confident with the therapy treatment routine you can submit any relevant client form and case study portfolio for marking (Only required for Diploma courses)

Step 3 - Starting Up In Business

  Before offering therapy to the public we encourage you to practice upon family and friends until you become confident.
  Then obtain therapist insurance from Westminster Indemnity or the IICT.
  Now you are fully qualified and insured to deliver this therapy professionally.

General help and advice

  • 1. Practice your therapy techniques upon your partner, family and friends until you become confident
  • 2. Refer to our YouTube channel and view each of the techniques in detail... it's a fantastic visual aid
  • 4. We can provide guidance on how to set-up in business as part of our therapist business course
Still got questions about our courses?

Click the link below to read our FAQ. Or call us and chat with our amazing Admin Team 0333 123 2626
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