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Therapist Business - Accredited Online Learning Course

Our Therapist Business Course is a self-development tutorial. We understand just how challenging it can be to set-up in business for the first time. So we have created an accredited therapist business course called Successful Therapy Practice that gives you step-by-step guidance.

This is a stand alone course, so no matter which school, college or University you have trained with, you will be able to use this course to succeed as a therapist in this highly competative market.

You will be awarded a Certificate upon successful completion of the online multiple-choice theory test.

Pre Requirements

  • This is a beginners course and so there are no pre requirements

Course Syllabus

This is the background and theory that you study from home. If you are undertaking a Certificate Course then you also need to complete an online test paper, and we recommend that you complete at least 25 case studies (self-assessed) in order to familiarise yourself with the therapy routine before offering treatments to the public.

Module 1
Establishing the foundations
Suitability, Business plan, Business profile, Mission statement, SWOT.

Module 2
Building your business
Location, Finding premises, Types of business, Equipment.

Module 3
How your business will work
Setting up, The work environment, How you will practice, Hours, Terms and conditions, Looking after yourself, Healthy eating, Well-being.

Module 4
The Legalities
The Law, Current legislation, Licenses, Regulations, Tax, National Insurance, Professional bodies.

Module 5
Money Matters
Financing the business, Methods of payment, Setting your fees, Selling associated products, Stock Control and Retailing, Budgeting, Accounts, Costing the business, Managing money.

Module 6
Maintaining your business
Client/customer care, Customer/Client Service Successful communication, Setting up your database, Time management, Checklist.

Module 7
Professionalism, Codes of conduct, Ethics, Boundaries, Confidentiality, Client contact, Data protection, Preparing to treat, Consultation.

Module 8
The Good Stuff!
Making your name, Your USP, Marketing, AIDA, Advertising, Self promotion, Business literature and stationery, The Internet, Networking.

Module 9
Dealing with challenges
Dealing with the negative aspects of the business and therapeutic career, Complaints, Difficult Customers/clients, When not to treat or when to refer on, Palliative and Social Care, Health and safety, Risk assessment, Dealing with other professionals, Support networks, Stress management, Burnout, What to do when things go wrong, Troubleshooting the 10 most common problems.

Module 10
Looking forward
Ending the Holistic Program Positively, Growing the business, Staffing, Becoming a specialist in your field, Moving on, CPD, Self reflection, What next, To stay or go, Conclusion.

Additional information
Useful Contacts and Resources

After Care Advice
Awareness of Work Values
Business Plan
Business Profile
Cash Flow Projection Sheet
Client Contra-indications
Consultation Form
Case Study Form
Discharge Form
Leaflet Template
Risk Assessment
Treatment Record
Treatment Sheet
Consultation Sheet

Certificate - Professional Use

  • Course cost: £39.00
  • Accredited: IGCT, TTA
  • Insurance: Westminster Insurance, Towergate Insurance, Wellbeing Insurance
  • Qualification: The certificate evidences your wish to work professionaly
  • Suitable for: Beginners or experienced therapists as a CPD course
  • Time limits: No time restraints
  • PDF manual: 45 pages in full colour
  • Theory test: Online - 45 multiple choice questions & unlimited attempts to pass
  • Video: Not available for this course