Life Coaching - Therapy Course

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Life Coaching - Accredited Online Learning Course

Our Life Coaching Course is a self-development tutorial intended for those interested in learning more about life coaching skills and how to apply them in a therapy environment. Coaching is a practical tool for personal exploration and development. A coach can unlock and release the potential within clients, to bring about major positive improvements in their lives.

This course is fantastic if you wish to incorporate life coaching into your treatment methods for clients or else improving your won outlook upon life in general.

You will be awarded a Certificate upon successful completion of the online multiple-choice theory test.

Pre Requirements

  • This is a beginners course and so there are no pre requirements

Accreditations & Insurance

  • Accredited by the Therapy Training Academy  Accredited by the IGCT  Westminster Insurance  Wellbeing Insurance  Towergate Insurance

Course Syllabus

This is the background and theory that you study from home. If you are undertaking a Certificate Course then you also need to complete an online test paper, and we recommend that you complete at least 25 case studies (self-assessed) in order to familiarise yourself with the therapy routine before offering treatments to the public.

Module 1
What is Life Coaching?
What coaching is not
The benefits of coaching for clients
Hours and Environment
History of coaching

Module 2
Contraindications to treatment
Qualities of a good coach
Coaching resources
Grow Model
The Effective Coach
Coaching tools

Module 3
Preparing to treat
The Consultation Process
Ethics and Professionalism
Consent to treatment
Data Protection
Working with clients

Module 4
Self-Limiting Beliefs
The importance of core values and changes within an individual
Defining and reviewing relationships, Energy, Health, Financial, Emotional Well-being using I-CAN-DO Model
Defining and recognising the client’s goals, aims and values using I-CAN-DO
The client’s Mission Statement
SWOT Analysis
Life Coaching Chart Template

Module 5
Coaching Applications
Examining the past holistically
Framing and Reframing
Coaching Styles
Attitudes and understanding of therapy, counselling and coaching
Relevant therapeutic interventions

Module 6
Ways of avoiding and relating
Relationships as systems
Representational Systems
Rapport with clients

Module 7
The Milton Model
Meta-Language Patterns
Time Management
Time Costing
Goal Setting

Module 8
Specialist Life Coaching
The GROW model
The Coaching Attitude

Module 9
Relationship Coaching

Module 10
Spiritual Coaching
Self Esteem/ Confidence Coaching
Health and Well-Being Coaching

Module 11
Career Coaching
Coaching for a new career

Module 12
Financial Coaching
Prosperity Attainment

Module 13
10 Ultimate Coaching Questions
Life Coaching Ethics and Confidentiality
Coaching Contract and Agreements

Module 14
Overcoming Obstacles
Referring On to a Health/ Mental Health Professional
Closure for the Client and for the Coach
The Bigger Picture

Certificate - Professional Use

  • Course cost: £39.00
  • Accredited: IGCT, TTA
  • Insurance: Westminster Insurance, Towergate Insurance, Wellbeing Insurance
  • Qualification: Offer treatments professionally and obtain therapist insurance
  • Suitable for: Beginners or experienced therapists as a CPD course
  • Time limits: No time restraints
  • PDF manual: 45 pages in full colour
  • Theory test: Online - 45 multiple choice questions & unlimited attempts to pass
  • Video: Not available for this course