NLP - Therapy Course

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NLP - Accredited Online Learning Course

Our NLP Course is a self-development tutorial intended for those interested in learning more about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how to apply it within a therapy environment. It is a method of self-discovery that is both enagaging, intriguing and extremely transformative. It provides you with the means to make positive changes to your life, thoughts and emotions. It helps you understand negative habits and replace them with supercharged positive behaviour and thinking.

This course is fantastic if you wish to incorporate NLP into your treatment methods for clients or else improving your own outlook upon life in general.

You will be awarded a Certificate upon successful completion of the online multiple-choice theory test.

Pre Requirements

  • This is a beginners course and so there are no pre requirements

Course Syllabus

This is the background and theory that you study from home. If you are undertaking a Certificate Course then you also need to complete an online test paper, and we recommend that you complete at least 25 case studies (self-assessed) in order to familiarise yourself with the therapy routine before offering treatments to the public.

Module 1
NLP – What is it?
What it isn’t
The history of NLP
How NLP works
What can NLP do?

Module 2
Foundations, Fundamentals and Principles of NLP
The Nature of the Four Pillars
The Neurological Levels
The Presuppositions

Module 3
Identifying client needs and wants
Mission Statements
SWOT analysis

Module 4
The importance of core values, beliefs and changes in NLP
Belief Change Model

Module 5
Modalities and Sub modalities.
Changing Modalities and Sub modalities

Module 6
The A-Z of NLP

Module 7
Representational Systems
The Milton Model
The Meta-Model

Module 8



Modelling and matching

Module 9
Timelines in NLP
Negotiation in NLP
The NLP session
What NLP can help with?

Module 10
The Consultation Process
Ethics and Professionalism
Consent to treatment
Data Protection
Rapport and Working with clients

Certificate - Professional Use

  • Course cost: £39.00
  • Accredited: IGCT, TTA
  • Insurance: Westminster Insurance, Towergate Insurance, Wellbeing Insurance
  • Qualification: Offer treatments professionally and obtain therapist insurance
  • Suitable for: Beginners or experienced therapists as a CPD course
  • Time limits: No time restraints
  • PDF manual: 45 pages in full colour
  • Theory test: Online - 45 multiple choice questions & unlimited attempts to pass
  • Video: Not available for this course